Why Us

Why Us

Sullivan Willoughby has an explicit shared values-based culture of client service and professionalism. These ideals include pro bono legal services, increasing diversity in the legal profession, and supporting global outreach efforts.

Lawyers from a variety of backgrounds lead client engagements, practice groups, and offices around the world at Sullivan Willoughby. We are committed to attracting, retaining, and supporting highly qualified diverse lawyers, and have established priorities in entry-level recruitment, lateral recruitment, minority and female lawyer growth and retention, as well as diversity mentorship, training, and awareness.

The Sullivan Willoughby Foundation is a non-profit organization supported by the firm's attorneys and personnel. The Foundation's mission is to provide financial support for initiatives such as promoting the rule of law in developing countries, fostering innovation in academia, medicine, and the arts, improving the living conditions and economic opportunities for people in impoverished areas, and providing assistance and comfort to people affected by natural and other disasters around the world.

  • Unparalleled client service and involvement
  • A true partnership's shared responsibility and all-in-one collaboration
  • Remarkable legal talent across specialties and jurisdictions
  • Shared professional principles focused on meeting clients’ needs

The ultimate client representation is based on a thorough and ongoing knowledge of the clients' needs. Our firm strives to connect with our clients, listen to them, and learn from them so that we can work together to protect and advance their rights and interests.

A true partnership has a shared responsibility and all-in-one collaboration.

Corporate clients have institutional requirements. We, on the other hand, are looking for institutional solutions. At Sullivan Willoughby, all clients are clients of the firm, and they can use any of the firm's resources to address their issues. While institutional relationships are formed and sustained by individual relationships, lawyers at Sullivan Willoughby are all responsible – to both the client and the firm – for ensuring that each client and each matter receives the right lawyer and service from the firm, as well as the respect and high priority that they deserve. The firm is dedicated to giving its best talent to every client, resolving any challenge with urgency and excellence, and partnering seamlessly in the delivery of its services.

Exceptional legal expertise in a variety of specialties and jurisdictions is available at the client's request.

Corporate institutions face risks across disciplines and jurisdictions. As a result, we have cultivated and utilized exceptional legal talent across the spectrum of our clients' objectives and risks, not just in one jurisdiction or a few areas of expertise. We can handle every part of a client's problem. Indeed, we seek strategic partnerships in which the client and the firm are equally involved in multidisciplinary, multijurisdictional collaboration. Sullivan Willoughby understands clients' needs for budgetary discipline, project management, communication, and efficiency in an exclusive way.

Shared professional ideals provide a source of binding energy, conviction, and credibility.

Our clients are constantly challenged, if not outright targeted, by regulators, competitors, and others who have competing ideas or goals. Corporations want legal partners that have the credibility and guts to actively and effectively represent them in such issues, regardless of how unpopular their viewpoints may be. Our lawyers at Sullivan Willoughby are all bound by a set of explicit professional values that compel them to take on challenges. This pledge, combined with their exceptional talent and determination, gives our lawyers credibility with their opponents, not only in the boardrooms where deals are made, but also in the courtrooms, arbitration venues, and government offices where disputes are thrashed out. We are committed to our clients, our services, and the principles of our profession and institution.

Communication, collaboration, talent, and shared professional values are the foundations of a true relationship

Sullivan Willoughby is an institutional partner for clients looking for advice and guidance. We seek to understand our clients and their needs; we communicate with clients about their needs and the various tactics available for addressing those needs; we work seamlessly and impressively across offices and practices; we provide talent and expertise across subject areas and geographies, and bring commitment and courage to the relationship and its engagement. We are fearsome because every partner and client has access to the institution and is a top priority for the firm as a whole. We work as true partners with one another and, more importantly, with our customers.