Tools & Solutions


By understanding clients' needs, Sullivan Willoughby provides great service. In all specific practice areas and industries, we partner with clients in circumstances where we may add value. We totally immerse ourselves in each situation and work with our clients to eliminate risks and boost efficiency through efficient relationships.

Educational Needs and Customized Program Content

We are committed to providing training seminars and modules that are focused on current market trends and concerns that influence our clients on a regular basis. We provide regular, legal updates over the Internet as part of our unique consultation programs. We arrange for credit to be given to in-house lawyers who participate in these webinars, as well as other seminars and on-site training sessions that we offer for our clients. We are dedicated to collaborating with our clients to determine educational needs and tailor program content to meet those goals. We also send out quarterly newsletters and advisories to keep clients informed about important industry developments and legal changes.

The firm also recognizes the necessity of conducting research and providing data on areas that are important to our clients. We believe the results of our studies provide great insight into how large worldwide firms' in-house legal departments are anticipating, preventing, and managing the risks connected with four major business challenges:

  • Addressing data privacy and protection across borders;
  • Navigating antitrust and competition regulation;
  • Controlling the threat of bribery and corruption;
  • Managing international joint ventures and strategic alliances in emerging and high-growth markets.

Sullivan Willoughby is dedicated to collaborating with our clients to create unique billing arrangements that address each client's strategic goals, business issues, and legal service needs. To ensure that our pricing agreements are accurate, competitive, and personalized, we use a variety of technologies.

  • Specialized Pricing Team: To design and track alternative fee arrangements, our attorneys rely on an experienced pricing team. Our seasoned pricing staff is always looking for new ways to improve efficiencies, client contentment, and predictability.
  • State-of-the-art Technology: We can create and monitor detailed budgets on a regular basis thanks to our cutting-edge accounting software. We can handle matters with the most cost-effective resources and deliver timely reports to our clients since we can track our daily progress.
  • Data Management: We keep track of every case and task to spot legal trends, forecast future results, and fine-tune our price estimates.


We realize the importance of receiving and comprehending client feedback. We identify the hurdles and obstructions to our achievement in addition to deciding if an engagement met its objectives.

We review legal services and price arrangements together before, during, and after an engagement. This entails planning for the duration of a case, efficiently staffing cases, and getting the most out of our technology resources and capabilities.

We also understand that the conclusion of a particular matter does not always mean the relationship is over. We assist our clients in putting their businesses in the best possible position to prosper, as well as protecting and preparing them for the future.


Our lawyers have worked in-house for significant business clients on a "lend-lease" basis on several occasions. This often gives a vital means of understanding customers' particular business and legal difficulties, in addition to assisting clients during times of short-term need. We have negotiated various pricing arrangements with clients in the past, depending on the scope and length of each project, as well as the level of attorney experience required.