About Us

About Us

Sullivan Willoughby is a leading international law firm that provides a full range of legal services. Our lawyers work at the confluence of government, technology and business, and we stick to our central tenets of:

  • Providing world-class legal and client services of the highest quality;
  • Increasing the diversity of our lawyers and employees;
  • Using our lawyers' great talents and diverse expertise to foster an environment that nurtures an entrepreneurial spirit, partnership, and solidarity;
  • Encouraging lawyers and employees to conduct voluntary work, government service, training, and support public institutions and charitable organizations as means to give back to the community;
  • Recruiting and retaining experienced lawyers who share a similar feature of remarkable academic and personal accomplishments.

As our client, you are the growth driver. You are at the heart of everything we do. Being a law firm, we are here to help you along the way. We work actively to assist businesses like yours in achieving their objectives in the name of development.

The world is evolving at a frenetic pace. You need a firm that has a track record of knowing when to stick to tried-and-true principles and when new market demands necessitate creative thinking and adaptation.

Our fundamental values guide us in every action we take:

  • Trustworthiness and integrity
  • Achievement
  • Dedication and commitment
  • Engagement and partnership
  • Mutual respect and perseverance
  • Community service

We are part of Sullivan Willoughby and operate by the ideals that have guided the firm since its foundation. For our clients, this means going above and beyond the call of duty. It entails a never-ending emphasis on efficiency and cost-effectiveness. It involves taking decisive action on managing diversity and attracting outstanding professionals. It entails providing our clients with exceptional value.

Building a firm culture that attracts top-tier legal and administrative professionals, individuals who live their lives with passion and purpose, is the first step in providing extraordinary value to our clients.

Nowadays, "diversity," "inclusion," and "work-life balance" are all keywords. We go beyond slogans to build a workplace that values people of various backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. We understand that our clients value a variety of viewpoints. We understand that our commitment to diversity and community service makes us better, enhancing our capacity to serve you.


Commitment to Quality

We are dedicated to continually offering world-class legal services since nothing less will suffice for the difficult situations that our customers bring to us. Our clients do not come to us with simple inquiries, situations, or transactions. Clients choose us due to our reputation for providing excellent service promptly. We take satisfaction in coming up with novel solutions to tough challenges that motivate us to use all of our skills and knowledge. All of the lawyers in the firm, from the newest associates to the most senior partners, must put in significant effort to deliver these services in a way that matches our standard of quality and the demands of our clients. To that aim, our partners not only supervise the work of others but also undertake legal work. Their direct engagement is the best guarantee that our work on each project will meet the high standards that our clients expect.

Diversity and Inclusion

Our dedication to diversity and inclusion stems from our experience of civil and human rights leadership, as well as our belief that diversity and inclusion are fundamental drivers of the firm's values. Our lawyers' diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and skills enable us to generate innovative and effective solutions for some of our customers' most complex and difficult legal situations. Additional guiding principles that show our dedication to establishing an inclusive workplace are partnership and solidarity. Our objective is to involve all firm leaders in our diversity and inclusion efforts, to recruit talented and accomplished lawyers and assistants, to provide resources and opportunities for each person to achieve their career goals, and to collaborate with clients and others to advance diversity and inclusion in the legal profession.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

The law has become more complex as business and technology have become more intricate. We are now a firm of lawyers who have fine-tuned their talents in particular areas, while once every lawyer was a generalist. Our lives have been revolutionized by the globalization of the economy, the introduction of the Internet, and the tremendous importance of technology and intellectual property. The impact of these developments on the legal profession has been revolutionary: law firms now need more vision, competence, breadth and depth, and devotion than ever before. We work in tandem with our clients, with fresh and innovative ideas and the collaborative strength of multi-disciplinary teams. Many of our lawyers have corporate and government experience, as well as various degrees. To achieve and maintain our progress, we have always relied on innovation. Staying ahead of the curve entails not only participating but also taking the lead in creating change.

Partnership and Solidarity

We believe that the greatest results are obtained by utilizing all of our lawyers' exceptional talents and diverse expertise. As a result, we offer our time, ideas, and inspiration to our coworkers. Every client is treated as a client of the firm rather than an individual, and our professionals naturally refer clients to other lawyers in the company who have the required experience to suit their needs. We like working as a team, we appreciate the performance, and our reward is a dedicated client base that recognizes the difference that our dedication makes. We are rewarded with fascinating, often ground-breaking work because our clients know they can count on us. Our collegial culture also ensures that, even in the most challenging and high-pressure situations, we are always pleasant to deal with.

Public Service

Lawyers have unique responsibilities to the administration of justice and the evolution of the law, as the law is both a profession and a business. We encourage our lawyers to fulfill these responsibilities through doing pro bono work, government service, and lecturing. We also encourage our lawyers to publish and speak about legal matters, as well as participate in their wider communities' affairs.

Community Giving

We are aware that we have a responsibility to assist in the development of our communities. In the communities where we practice, we support public institutions and philanthropic organizations. Through matching contribution programs and service on boards and committees, we encourage our attorneys to be leaders and supporters.

Experienced Lawyers

The recruiting of extraordinarily skilled lawyers is the firm's lifeblood. We hire lawyers with a variety of backgrounds, but one thing they all have in common is a high level of academic and personal performance. We then work to maximize their abilities by providing them with the training, support, and challenging opportunities they require to become successful first-rate lawyers.